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Library Storytelling: How to Find Memorable Library Stories to Use for Marketing and Promotions (110)

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You know the power of storytelling. After all, you work in a building where you are literally surrounded by some of the best stories in the world. So why is it so hard for libraries to tell their own stories? It's because we often get stuck at the very first step in the process: finding the right stories to share with our community. The quest for library stories that have emotion and a compelling story arch perfect for library advocacy is more difficult than it sounds. But, in this session, you'll learn how a good story becomes good marketing, as well as practical tips to find stories that you can use for advocacy and promotion.

*️⃣ Learning outcomes include:
- The critical connection between storytelling and long-term engagement of the community and the benefits your library will see when you start to use stories to build trust with your community.
- The characteristics that turn a good story into good marketing.
- How to find and gather stories that will work for your marketing.

*️⃣ Course instructor:
The instructor of this course is Angela Hursh, Manager (Library Engagement, Marketing, and Professional Development) for NoveList. Angela's background includes more than six years as the Content Team Leader for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and 20 years as an Emmy-award-winning broadcast television news journalist. In her current role for NoveList, Angela helps libraries create effective and engaging marketing with a personalized approach.

Course Instructor: Angela Hursh Estimated completion...: 1 hour


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