Practice Inclusivity

Welcoming Your Community: How to Create Inclusive Library Promotions (108)

*️⃣ Libraries all over the world have one thing in common (besides books). If you look at the mission statement of almost any library, you will find a sentence about equal access to information for all. The work of fulfilling that mission begins before a patron even walks in the door. Your library must ensure your marketing is welcoming and truly inviting by incorporating principles of accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create promotions that will engage all community members. Get actionable tips for how to incorporate inclusivity in everything you create, from social media graphics to program descriptions, from images in your emails to the top tips for creating truly helpful alternative text. And you’ll hear from practicing library marketers, who will share their experiences breaking down silos to strategically and intentionally create promotions that welcome all community members. By the end of this course, you will have lots of ideas and inspiration for making meaningful changes in your library’s marketing materials, as well as develop a deeper understanding of the importance of this work.

*️⃣ Learning objectives:
- How to make digital and print promotions accessible to all community members.  
- How to apply the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion to promotions.  
- How to value accessibility and DEI as a critical part of the overall library mission.
- How to work across departments to create a holistic approach to accessibility and DEI.

*️⃣ This course will take the average learner about 4 hours in total to complete.

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*️⃣ About the Course Instructor: The instructor of this course is Angela Hursh, Manager (Library Engagement, Marketing, and Professional Development) for NoveList. Angela's background includes more than six years as the Content Team Leader for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and 20 years as an Emmy-award-winning broadcast television news journalist. In her current role for NoveList, Angela helps libraries create effective and engaging marketing with a personalized approach.

Course Instructor: Angela Hursh Estimated completion...: 4 hours

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