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Collection Promotion Deep-Dive (204)

*️⃣ This course is available through institutional purchase only. For more information, contact us at for a free consultation. Research from the Pew Institute shows the main reason people get a library card is that they want to check out materials like books, e-books, and audiobooks. Libraries must promote the breadth and depth of their collection.

The collection is the core of library work and is the base for all the other work of the library. Your staff will leave inspired to engage the whole community in the entire collection, reaching readers in the places where they are both looking for reading suggestions and places where they didn't even know the library could help them.

*️⃣ Example learning outcomes include:
- Understand the importance and mechanics of coordinating their collection promotion efforts to support their overall library’s goals and strategy.
- Implement best practices in library collection promotion in print, on digital platforms, and in personal interactions with community members.
- Gather ideas for innovative promotions that delight readers.
- Use metrics to analyze the effectiveness of collection promotion efforts and increase engagement on various platforms.

*️⃣ Course instructor:
The instructor of this course is Angela Hursh, Manager (Engagement and Marketing) for NoveList. Angela's background includes more than six years as the Content Team Leader for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and more than 20 years as an Emmy-award-winning broadcast television news journalist. In her current role for NoveList, Angela helps libraries create effective and engaging marketing with a personalized approach.

Course Instructor: Angela Hursh

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