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Telling Your Library Story (206)

*️⃣ This course is available through institutional purchase only. For more information, contact us at for a free consultation. Raising awareness and garnering stakeholder support of libraries is particularly challenging right now. Whether you’re concerned about budget cuts, seeking additional funding, or want to remain relevant especially while your services are limited, an advocacy plan is essential.

Let a NoveList expert guide you in developing, implementing, and measuring an effective strategy for telling your library’s story in a way that’s sustainable, tailored to your library’s specific needs, and involves all staff. This deep-dive is a six-hour course. It can be broken up into sections for easier remote learning.

*️⃣Example learning outcomes include:
- Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and developing strategies around them
- Tying a brand awareness strategy to a library’s overall strategy and the community’s needs
- Building community and stakeholder support
- Using storytelling in your advocacy strategy

*️⃣ Course instructor: The instructor of this course is Angela Hursh, Manager (Engagement and Marketing) for NoveList. Angela’s background includes more than six years as the Content Team Leader for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and more than 20 years as an Emmy-award-winning broadcast television news journalist. In her current role for NoveList, Angela helps libraries create effective and engaging marketing with a personalized approach.

Course Instructor: Angela Hursh

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